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About Merino Services

Processing, Designing, Implementing, Delivering and Supporting Business Solutions

Merino Services, the association of Merino Group of Companies is the controller of businesses having the high impact solution, which specializes in designing and implementing the business consulting and IT services through its experienced knowledge. It is a fully owned subsidiary of a US $250 million Merino Group with ISO 9001:2008 Certified. It has a strong presence and reliable partners in Malaysia, Singapore, U.S.A, Netherlands, India and U.A.E.

Merino Services follow the footprints of its motto "Partner to Progress" to provide customer services. It commits the long-term relationship through technology and domain expert solutions. 250+ customers across the world make Merino Services stronger and its support services are available 24*7 with experts that differentiate it from other businesses.



Merino Group highlights among the innovation and customer satisfaction, which is associated with ISO 9001:2008 Certified. The group has a diverse business portfolio in the manufacturing industry across the segments such as modular furniture, high-pressure & low-pressure laminates, and farm-to-plate. The speciality continues to new product trends and their market demand.



Merino Services stands out for "Partner to Progress" where progress is a long-term experience and uniqueness in transforming the whole business due to the evolution of technology. Its different differentiators make this company specialized due to various implementations that can be exposed in-depth to other companies/business. Why Merino is much favourable or why is it needed for other businesses:



2012Fastest Growing Partner
Award 2012 by Infor.
2013Top Achiever
Award 2013 by Infor.
Top Achiever
Award 2014 by Infor.
2015Most Promising Partner
ASEAN 2015 by Infor.
65 New Customers
Acquired Globally.



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