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Enterprise Resource Planning

Manage raw materials, inventory, and get a clear view of sales and accounting.

Capture detailed insights into your business in real time with ERP tools.

Enterprise Resource Planning signifies the integrated management of core business processes. ERP usually refers to a category of business management software, generally used by mid-size and large organizations to collect, store, manage, and utilize data in a more effective way. In other words, it’s a suite of integrated applications which provides an integrated and updated view of all the core business processes onto one platform in real time. This information is shared with every head of the department (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, and accounting etc), which streamlines the information flow between different departments of a business. These departments are open to make any amendments to the data, which can easily be notified by the rest of the departments.

An ERP system enables an organization to manage connections with stakeholders, track cash flow, raw materials, production ability, and keep a record of all sales, purchase orders, and payroll, simultaneously. Its easy integration ability with several other organizational systems allow businesses to process transactions comfortably, enhance their production capability and accelerate overall efficiency as a result.



Infor M3

Transform your business with Infor's most powerful ERP cloud software

Infor® M3, a cloud-based, manufacturing and distribution ERP system. It leverages the latest technologies, as to provide an exceptional user experience and powerful analytics in a multicompany, multicountry, and multisite platform. Infor M3® and the other related CloudSuite™ industry solutions includes industry-leading functionalities for the chemical, distribution, equipment, fashion, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing industries.

Infor LN

Infor LN is state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning software from Infor, which is appropriately designed keeping in mind the needs of large global manufacturing enterprises with multisite organizations as well as small single-site organizations. Infor LN is a fast and cost-effective solution and can be deployed on the shop-floor and across the supply chain with financials, quality management, service management, order management, and business partners. Industry-specific analytics enables the manufacturers to capture data in real-time and make informed decisions. Manufacturers around the world rely on Infor LN to streamline business processes, maintain transparency, and lessen the need for software customizations.

In case, you are using Infor Baan, Infor Configure Price Quote, Infor EAM, or Legacy ERP Solutions, opting for Infor LN might be a wise idea.

Why choose Infor LN?

Available in 21 languages

Support for ETO, MTO, MTS, and repetitive manufacturing

Locally compliant for 49 countries

Complete visibility into the supply chain from production, service, warranty to refurbishing

Built-in business processes using best practices

Full control on the assembly line to enable any last-minute customer alterations and complex products

Extensible tooling for customization without altering source code

Single-instance, global ERP in the cloud or on-premises

Complete service and project lifecycle management with quality control

Infor SyteLine

CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) might be an ideal match to your requirements when you wish to get things quickly to market. That said, no matter how complicated your supply chain may be, you can respond relatively faster to change, diminish excess inventory and reduce costs to a tremendous extent. You deliver exactly what your customers anticipate and exactly when they need it. In concise, it helps you manage and augment productivity both inside the office and on the shop-floor

CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) is an end-to-end ERP solution, specifically built to overcome the complexities involved in discrete as well as process manufacturing. The software incorporates predictive analytics, collaboration, integration options and lean production tools. Installing SyteLine, you can have better tools to augment customer service, analyze and improve quality, improve productivity, simplify aftermarket service and maintenance to get things done on time and on schedule.

Why Choose SyteLine?

Effective planning and scheduling including finite capacity planning, shop floor scheduling and mixedmode support such as ETO, MTO, MTS, etc.

Provides business intelligence capabilities through role-based dashboards, metrics, and reports, contextual and predictive analytics, and financial and operational reporting.

Quality and service management for continuous improvement, aftermarket sales, and warranty and service contracts, etc.

Complete security, extensibility, easy-to-integrate with other applications, and comes with disaster recovery features.

Support all discrete manufacturing types



Embark on a new-age journey of business transformation with SAP S/4HANA - an ERP solution that revolutionizes your business. It is a future-ready system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics. SAP S/4HANA actually transforms business processes with intelligent automation and the market-leader in-memory database offers real-time processing speed and a dramatically simplified data model.

Why Choose SAP S/4 HANA?

Explore the world of possibilities. Become a best-run business and sharpen your competitive edge.

On-premise, public/private cloud, or hybrid deployment

Embedded AI technology

Capabilities and best practices for a wide range of industries

Real-time advanced analytics

Streamlined data display

Consumer-grade UX

Competitive edge and better workflow

50% reduction in data foot print

Consumer-grade UX across devices

100 times faster reporting

Flexible deployment options

SAP SuccessFactors

Today, the workforce is global and globetrotter. A global workforce presents many challenges and opportunities for employers. The SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution is a flexible, global core HR solution that empowers you to meet the expectations of your people and the needs of your business. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central offers smart automation, supporting intelligent services and HR workflows across systems and business functions, enabling you to manage processes, not just transactions. In addition, you can implement business processes more seamlessly across the HR domain for improved insight, strategic decision-making, and delivering better business performance.

SAP SuccessFactors can support Core HR Processes in many ways which includes:


Deploy the World Class HR Practices

Track all key HR information and use embedded localization to ensure compliance, and deploy best practices to standardize HR processes across the globe.


Get Real Time View

Use the embedded analytics to gain real-time insight into your entire workforce and build the foundation for streamlined recruiting and facilitate succession planning.


Global Benefits Management

Automate the management and differences of global benefits throughout the organization, spanning business processes, employee eligibility criteria, and post enrolment workflows.


One World, One Solution

Manage your workforce around the globe on a single platform. SAP SuccessFactors supports the compliance requirements with corporate agreements, collective agreements, and local laws.

Why SAP SuccessFactors?

Powered by live insights to help you make data-driven decisions, it offers a consumer-centric employee experience

A single global core HR platform, it offers consistent and standardized HR processes focused on the entire workforce

True self-service to support automation, it improves data quality, and elevates HR service delivery with efficient, real-time processes

It is a solution that is used in over 200 countries around the globe with deep localization

It has prebuilt integrations with other solutions from both SAP and leading partners to accelerate and simplify processes

With a proactive approach to worldwide regulatory compliance, it enables you to attract, develop, and retain employees using modern technologies

SAP Ariba

Stay connected with your channel partners and grow to a new height.
Today, it is imperative to control your supply chain and collaborate with your suppliers in an effective and efficient way. When you opt for SAP procurement solutions – SAP Ariba for direct and indirect procurement, integrated with SAP Fieldglass to support services procurement and external workforce management – you discover how SAP equips customers to respond quickly and effectively to rapidly changing market conditions. A cloud-based innovative solution, SAP Ariba gives suppliers and buyers the freedom to connect and do business on the single platform. It offers the overall vendor management system to the organization and digitally transforms your supply chain, procurement and contract management process, globally.

What makes SAP Ariba different and distinctive?

It is a B2B solution that allows you to connect and choose from the world's largest network of vendors and suppliers.

It can easily be integrated with different SAP ERP solutions like SAP ECC and S/4 HANA, configuring workflows to automate different processes in a complete procurement cycle.

SAP Ariba gives you a way to error-free business transactions by allowing your organizations to connect with the right suppliers with deep visibility to your inside vendor and procurement management processes.

You can easily integrate master and transactional data from different ERP solution to Ariba processes.

SAP Ariba erases the overall complexity occurred in the procurement process. Managing all key vendors on a single platform makes it a must-have product for any organization.

The cloud based innovative solution was first developed in 1996 by a company named Ariba and was later acquired by SAP in 2012 with a total acquisition cost of 4.3 billion USD with each share cost $45. Thus, the name SAP Ariba. At the onset, Ariba was a B2B company to do procurement over the Internet and was the first one to introduce IPO in 1999.

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Many Problems.
One Solution.

The right Enterprise Resource Planning software can help keep every department aware of the operations happening within the organization. In fact, an ERP software is the only solution you need to stay functional and stay agile.

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