How to Serve Global Customers

Merino Industries

Apr 24, 2020

“The technology revolution has significantly impacted the global economy. Digitally equipped and well-connected customers have no reason to compromise on the quality of services. Hence, they have high expectations from their service providers. The Service providers, on the other hand, cannot focus only on the current requirements of their customers but have to have a comprehensive view from the first step of the customer’s journey to the ultimate vision of the company.

Serving the customers in global markets demands an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated team, having an insight into local business conditions. International level expertise and extensive capabilities of the support individuals are indispensable elements of Global Service. The services have to be globally consistent, flexible, business-aligned, and completely integrated with the current solution of the customer.

Understanding of the local language and culture of the clients proves to be an added advantage while gathering customer requirements. Delivering services to the customers at an optimal cost, typically a mix of the lesser proportion of costlier ‘on-site’ resources combined with a major proportion of cheaper ‘offshore’ resources makes the customer happy. Serving the customers round the clock as per the time zones of the customers is a vital element of serving the customers globally.

However, Customer Delight is always a key driver for serving the clients whether locally or globally.