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Delight your CUSTOMERS. Feed them healthy. Feed them well.

Your consumers love delicious food as much as you do.

With the rapidly increasing demand for new flavors and products, dietary concerns, and product contamination risks, the food and beverage companies remain on the lookout for continuous improvements to gratify the more sophisticated and conversant consumer.

Consumers want variety and varied FIBC options for their favorite food and beverages, and more importantly, they want a healthier, hygienic food to fulfill their desire. Indeed, this has made the industry work harder than before to satisfy the consumers..

We are specialized in offering Digital Transformation and Application Management Services in Infor for food and beverage companies. We offer Digital Transformation and Application Management services the Consumer products’ companies.


Shelf Life – The enterprise software helps eliminate shelf-life problems and produce only the right amount at any given time through precisely forecasting demand.

Optimize Distribution – Plan more decisively to meet your distribution schedules. Based on order patterns, the system allows you to consistently update orders every hour or minute to fulfill rigorous distribution requirements.

Complete Visibility – A complete visibility into all aspects of the supply chain allows you to attain profitability through cost savings and better decision making. You can manage outlet operations, sales order, warehousing order, purchase order, inventory control & distribution, etc. Besides, you can plan and control material requirement, production, accounts, and finance, barcoding, point of sales, personal information system with biometrics and ERP integration, etc.

Better Asset Management – Incorporating a better asset management program allows your assets to perform at peak levels, simultaneously reducing utility costs and save energy.

SIS Portal and Mobile App– An SIS (Shop in Shop) portal available as a feature enables demand management with email notification, goods receiving management with barcode, rejection management with barcode & email notification, material issue to kitchen and bar with barcode, inter-branch transfer with barcode & email notification, and inter-branch receiving with barcode & email notification. The mobile app allows user authentication using Google, Facebook & manual registration, geolocation tagging, global menu and menu by geolocation, order management with historic transactions, reward points mechanism and plenty of other features.

Better Consumer Relations – Enterprise software allows your team to confer order forecasts, promotion planning or any new ideas, which in turn, helps build trust and thus lasting relationships.

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Enterprise solutions can help your food processing machines move quicker and function at their best, so your customers do not have to wait for their favorite food when they are hungry.

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The company is a leading brand, making Potato Flakes & Instant Snack Mixes, in the ready to cook market.


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