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Move faster with the changing textile trends.

As the industry attitude and consumer's behavior changes, the challenges faced by those tasked with sustaining a business in the textile industry also changes. Dressing people sustainably is an increasingly important goal for companies in the textile industry. Our innovative technology helps you respond to changing consumer trends and regulatory demands and transform your business. In addition to a growing focus on sustainability and circular fashion, companies are facing a higher demand to support new sales models such as renting and recycling. Consumers also expect to be able to make their purchases through multiple channels and want to be sure brands are open and transparent around the environmental impact of their production and transportation. Fashion companies that can fully grasp the industry climate and analyze how the most prominent challenges affect their business will be better equipped to move in the direction of progress.

Our Textile Enterprise Solution enables you to convert all manual processes into digital with complete automation. From procurement to production, keeping track of all processes seamlessly. It continuously provides new capabilities for managing evolving business models and improving visibility from end to end. We make it easier for you to meet the demands of today's fashion market by shortening your product development time. Obtain additional features with Merino's custom Textile Solution that outperforms any Standard solution. The solution is instrumental in Material Management, Production Planning, Costing, Quality control, and many other core areas.

Textile Challenges

From one to many

Only with the use of few raw materials, textile industry is able to manufacture countless finished products.

Process diversity and complexity

From Yarn to Fabric process present in highly specialized phases, each has its own specific production parameters.


Starting from a finished good each Bale (FIBCr) or yarn lot are traced across the manufacturing processes.

Unsynchronized production line

Scheduling can be a challenge with machines which are of different cycle time and batch size, as the actual routing may vary from order to order.

Measuring Units & inventories

No measuring unit is applicable to an entire supply chain. Multiple inventory levels from batches, containers, pallets, to a roll, a cone of yarn, etc.

Short delivery time

Planning concepts are required for long production processes and short delivery time, driven from a partially defined demand and not from a finished item.

Merino's Textile Enterprise Solution at a Glance

Customer Relationship Management

• Contact Management

• Lead Tracking

• Opportunity Tracking

• Sales Forecasting

• Campaign Management

Sales & Order Management

• Quote/ Order Mgt.


• Pricing

• Credit Control

• Container Load Planning (CLP)

• Commission

• Discount

Designing & Costing

• Specification Sheet

• Attachment of Drawing and Design flies

• BOM & Routing Auto Generation from Specification Sheet

• Product Costing

Enterprise Planning

• Forecasting

• Item Plans

• Loom Plan

• Tape / Yarn Plan

• Bobbin Plan

• Liner Plan

• Lamination Plan

• Finishing Plan

Supply Chain Management

• Sourcing Strategy

• Procurement

• Inventory Management

• Lot Tracking

• Receiving, Issuing & Transferring

• Inventory Valuation


• Formula & Recipe Management

• Tape Manufacturing

• Belt Manufacturing

• Liner Manufacturing

• Winding Production

• Bag Assembly

• Quality Inspection


• Loom Plan

• Doff / Roll Production Reporting

• Doff / Roll Inspection

• Mending

Packing & Shipment

• Packing Instruction

• Stitching Instruction

• Accessories

• Labelling

• Packing Production

• Picking

• Shipment

Service Management

• Breakdown Maintenance

• Planned Maintenance

Financial Management

• GL, A/P & A/R

• Cash & Bank

• Fixed Assets

• Financial Budgeting

• Project Accounting

• Standard Costing

• Order Costing

UI & Middleware

• Workflow

• Real-time Alerts & messages

• Notifications Multiple User Interface

  • • Local
  • • Web based
  • • Mobile

Other Features

• Dynamic Enterprise Modeller

• Multi Language

• Multi-Currency

• Multi Location

• Barcoding

• Agile Integration Platform

*The highlighted features differentiate Merino's solution from a Standard solution.

Additional Features

Web-based - Connect with your business anywhere, anytime. See reports, approve transactions rapidly.

360 View - Get an all-round view of the business with drill down facility. Watch live for 'absolute control'.

Alerts/Notifications - Obtain system-generated alerts/notifications in case exception occurs. Act in advance.

Easy Access - Simplified business solutions supporting multiple languages, locations, currencies effortlessly.

Mobility - Being HTML5 compliant, the solution supports smartphones, tablets, etc.

Paperless - Store images against any transaction for instant access. Convert reports into Excels & PDFs for quick sharing.

Interoperability - Impeccable integration with Outlook / MS Office / Bing map

User Friendly - Tabbed pages, Dynamic Filtering, Personalized Screens, Conditional Formatting, Easy Data Export & Import.


Stay on top of your Textile operations.

Automate transactions, plan your production, track material movements, reduce order cycle times, maximize resource utilization and do a lot more with our proven solution for textile.

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