The technique to a successful ERP implementation is to BEGIN systematically.

Businesses around the globe are investing in ERP systems to turbo-charge growth. ERP Readiness assessment ensures that the organization's people, processes and systems...

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Eradicate frequently occurring incidents with advanced planning and preparation.

The most crucial step before implementation is choosing the right software. Once you are done with the process of consulting and have chosen the desired solution, it's time to implement the technology.

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The KEY must exactly FIT in the LOCK you own.

Consulting opens up a consumer’s mind to numerous possibilities. Since the implementation of an enterprise application is a major investment for any business, one can not anticipate success without the right people around. There are several areas in which a consumer may feel perplexed, such as, while purchasing new software, upgrading ...

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LEAD the BUSINESS THE WAY YOU WANT. Technology will support constantly!

Businesses usually have a hard time resolving problems that might appear in their day-to-day operations due to lagging Enterprise applications such as ERP, EAM, CRM, and the like. Indeed, one has to be on top of everything to perform better and remain competitive...

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The right TRAINING is key to a successful implementation.

Skill-building of business employees is as essential as anything else. A successful implementation cannot be as successful unless your employees are trained enough to understand the complexities of the deployed system. To get the maximum out of an enterprise system,...

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Planning is the key. When it fails, the desired progress stops.

Technology continues to change now and then. What seems new today may become obsolete in the future. Considering the rising competition, it's quite likely that you, as a business, may need to change your existing business systems.

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GLOBAL FOOTPRINTS to serve you better.

With the world getting smaller, businesses are organically growing across geographical boundaries. Going global comes with the struggle of managing the exhausting range of processes and systems that exist across different geographies and business units.

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Factory of the future!

The relationship between humans and machines is ever evolving. After the arrival of Industry 4.0, this relationship is taking a new leap and adding a multifold value to the entire industrial value chain.

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Digital Transformation - Cloud based ERP solutions

Information or Data is the key element for any business, without which it can't survive. The absence of a comprehensive data management strategy can lead to security threats, data loss, and costly downtime. Merino's holistic approach to cloud transformation can help fortify your journey to digital transformation with four key tactics including cloud advisory, cloud build, cloud migration, and next-generation enterprise cloud governance.

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Merino Consulting Services Became a part of the growth story of Merino panel products

Merino Group, a 60 year old diversified business has many feathers in their cap. Know how Merino Panel Products used Infor ERP solutions which resulted in sales growth at exceptional level.

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