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MS Dynamic CRM: A flexible, powerful, easy to use tool to increase your Business Success.

To keep going with the changing market needs, businesses need to work on their strategies so that they perform well without compromising on their growth and profitability. In a growing economy, businesses try to capitalize and expand their customer base and spend aggressively to the new business generation and growth engine. The engine if used effectively can give true business values. Growing organization’s existing customer relationships becomes utmost important for organizations seeking a cost-effective way to nurture business expansion and sustainable growth.

Smart companies maintain to have their focus on investing and optimizing the existing resources and exploiting their efficiencies. They maximize the value of their customer relationships through technologies and tools. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows organizations to track and leverage every customer interaction to maximize revenue opportunities and improve customer loyalty.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is for

Sales: Sales force Automation to boost revenues and increase sales pipeline. Highly intuitive interface and embedded Microsoft Office capabilities to boost sales productivity, streamline sales cycles, automate lead management, and gain insights to drive more sales.

Marketing: With marketing management solution, improve effectiveness and productivity to gain actionable insight into the marketing campaigns.

Customer Service: 360-degree view of the customers helps resolve issues quickly and reduce handling times with advanced customer service software. Automating processes also reduces costs and help to ensure consistent customer service is delivered across all touch points.

With flexible options for deployment, Microsoft Dynamic CRM is being used by leading companies worldwide. It is easy to use and customizable to be the best fit for your organization. 

Integrated File System (IFS) CRM

Best-Practice CRM Process Baselines
The IFS CRM Process Manager™ provides the power to mold a CRM solution to fit the unique CRM processes of your business using predefined industry specific CRM process baselines. Use these baselines directly out of the box; or for a custom solution, create a one-of-a-kind database that meets your company's individual CRM needs. Take advantage of best-practice solutions within your industry, while at the same time molding your CRM solution to meet your specific needs.

Easy -to-Use Graphical Environment
Sophisticated enough for professional developers, the IFS CRM Process Manager is easy to learn and use. The graphical environment enables you to quickly and efficiently create a customized solution for your business.

Automatic Updating
Use the CRM Process Manager to automatically roll out changes to remote users. Once you’ve defined and refined the CRM solution for your company, a simple click immediately creates an Oracle script ready to be used. You gain complete control over your database without ever writing a single line of code.

Global Solutions
Multi-lingual with support for over 23 languages, IFS Customer Relationship Management lets you create a unique CRM solution to differentiate your business from the competition.

Configurable user experience with .Net Windows Client
Users can drag-and-drop elements on the screen, minimizing items they don't need and expanding the ones they want. The interface allows a user to see information from more than one screen or record simultaneously. Fewer clicks are required for each action; less time spent clicking and drilling down within fields means increased user productivity.

Infor CRM

Customer relationship management is one of the most complicated driver forces for any business. It’s a powerful tool which can make or destroy the various strategies of your business. For growth and profitability, one needs to change as per the market trends and their expansion for the economy. Interaction with today’s advanced CRM with its capabilities give the business an utmost nurturing value that manage and executes its technology opportunities correctly. It engages all the individuals along with teams that help in designing with their expertise knowledge that is faster and smarter.

Infor CRM allows the organization to track every interaction with customers and optimizing the resources altogether with the exploitation of inefficiencies through which customer loyalty could be increased and improved. Centralized decisions and various unique capabilities create a platform to strategically engage the customer. Different dynamics have different solutions for Infor CRM. Therefore, Merino puts its best effort to capture the solution and make it more effective for different departments with different technical solution altogether. Some of it according to departments is:



Industries Served


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HiDOX the best integrated and proven document solution for Infor ERPLN / Baan

Wed, 07 Dec 2016

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Client Speaks

On behalf of the Largest Valves Manufacturer - Nashik
I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by Merino consultants. The endless hours that you have spent working on this project, and the professionalism that you have portrayed has impressed the entire team immensely and we deem ourselves honoured to have had you as a project head.
We had been following each process of this project as it was one of the most important ones that we have done thus far and its success was of the utmost importance to us. Seeing your diligence, self-motivation and focus have been a source of motivation for the rest of the team as we see a positive air in the department. We hope that this positivity flows into everyday work and subsequent projects as well.
We are expecting another project of this intensity and would like you to head it as well so that we can be sure of its success following your ability to be absolutely dedicated.

I.T Manager

A premier name in the air conditioning industry- Dubai
Thanks for your support. We are quite happy with the way Merino team responded in short span of time and this kind of proactive support is what will win new business and help us staying close to the customer.

I.T Manager

High-pressure aluminum dies castings company located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
On behalf of the company, we would like to take a moment to personally say our gratitude for Merino support during the migration period to our new Infor LN ERP System.
Your support is always on time and on par and fully meets the needs of our ERP user especially in Finance. Merino support during the transition of the Finance and Manufacturing team too is commendable. The knowledge and skills have presented by them, is what we expect of an ERP system consultants if not better.
Thank you again for your support and domain knowledge.
We look forward to having the same level of support if not better in all future endeavors.
We would expect such value addition from you in future as well.


The premier valve, ball valve, and pneumatic and electric actuator manufacturers in the world- India
We appreciate and applaud the effort given in ERP Ln Implementation at the premier valve, ball valve, and pneumatic and electric actuator manufacturers in the world, and the largest manual and automated butterfly valve manufacturer in the western hemisphere.
The customer says Merino consultants is a truly professional.
They know their jobs thoroughly and are very productive in whatever they do. Any issue/problem gets solved well within the time frame and without any follow-up.
Merino consultants are very Open mind, the good listener. Their consultants are an Asset to the organization.

ERP Manager – Information Technology

Industrial Equipment Corporation - United States
Merino consultant perform exceptional work on Ion and Mingle integration while at Industrial Equipment Corporation is a Machinery company located in, United States.
Every task that we had requested of him was completed, and even others were sprung on him throughout the time while he was on the project. He was also a pleasure to work with and willing to answer questions and get the correct answers.

Project Manager

Jubilant Consumer Pvt. Ltd encouraging experience with Merino Services
From 2013, Jubilant Consumer is offering fresh and best quality food ingredients and produce, but was going through various challenges. Merino Services worked as a team and provide us better control over our operations, on-time delivery and result oriented end-to-end solutions, meeting our challenges.

Vishal Mahajan
COO, Jubilant Consumer

Merino Services became a part of the growth story of Merino Panel Products
Merino Group, a 60 year old diversified business has many feathers in their cap. Know how Merino Panel Products used Infor ERP solutions which resulted in sales growth at exceptional level.

Managing Director, Merino Panel Products

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