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Take the freedom of making bulk bags with precision.

Prepare well to confront stringent FIBC challenges with Enterprise Solutions.

The FIBC is a huge market producing heaps of industrial containers with each passing day. In such a fast-moving industry where swift action is often required, it is not uncommon for the businesses to face roadblocks such as inexpert people making inapt use of technology, manufacturing consumer-specific products (ETO) imprecisely, not able to cater to varied industry requirements, inexact price quoting, etc. As an FIBC business, you certainly can't bear the risk of executing operations inappropriately. Since these bags require an enormous amount of effort and precision going through a range of processes, which include Yarn manufacturing, Weaving, Cutting, Stitching, Hemming, and Finishing, you need something out of the ordinary to progress faster and execute operations timely with precision.

At Merino Consulting Services, we provide Enterprise solutions that are unmatched, better than the Standard solutions available, and are tailor-made to your specific business needs covering the end-to-end requirement of FIBC manufacturing. Enable the processing of both standard and customer-specific items and obtain a 360o view of the business, effortlessly.

We offer Digital Transformation and Application Management Services in Infor for Packaging (FIBC) industries.

Our value-added features over Standard Enterprise Solution

Customer Relationship Management

• Contact Management

• Lead Tracking

• Opportunity Tracking

• Sales Forecasting

• Campaign Management

Sales & Order Management

• Quote/ Order Mgt.


• Pricing

• Credit Control

• Container Load Planning (CLP)

• Commission

• Discount

Supply Chain Management

• Sourcing Strategy

• Procurement

• Lot Tracking

• Receiving, Issuing & Transferring

• Inventory Valuation

Enterprise Planning

• Forecasting

• Item Plans

• Loom Plan

• Tape / Yarn Plan

• Bobbin Plan

• Liner Plan

• Lamination Plan

• Finishing Plan

Financial Management

• GL, A/P & A/R

• Cash & Bank

• Fixed Assets

• Financial Budgeting

• Project Accounting

• Standard Costing

• Order Costing

UI & Middleware

• Workflow

• Real-time Alerts & messages

• Notifications Multiple User Interface

  • > Local
  • > Web based
  • > Mobile


• Formula & Recipe Management

• Tape Manufacturing

• Belt Manufacturing

• Liner Manufacturing

• Winding Production

• Bag Assembly

• Quality Inspection

Designing & Costing

• Specification Sheet

• Attachment of Drawing and Design flies

• BOM & Routing Auto Generation from Specification Sheet

• Product Costing


• Loom Plan

• Doff / Roll Production Reporting

• Doff / Roll Inspection

• Mending

Packing & Shipment

• Packing Instruction

• Stitching Instruction

• Accessories

• Labelling

• Packing Production

• Picking

• Shipment

Service Management

• Breakdown Maintenance

• Planned Maintenance

Other Features

• Dynamic Enterprise Modeller

• Multi Language

• Multi-Currency

• Multi Location

• Barcoding

• Agile Integration Platform

*The highlighted features differentiate Merino's solution from a Standard solution.

Industry coverage

  • • FIBC
  • • Woven Sacks bags
  • • Container Liner
  • • Flexi tank
  • • PE Lines
  • • Geo Textiles
  • • Insect net
  • • Hail net
  • • Shade net
  • • Ground cover
  • • Other/Technical Textiles
  • • Filter Fabric

Leverage Enterprise solutions geared towards FIBC.

Turn obstacles into advantage with real-time information, 360-degree business view, and take actions swiftly. Monitor all stages from procurement to the delivery of the product easily and effortlessly.

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