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Planning is the key. When it fails, the desired progress stops.

To stay relevant and progress faster, you need to keep your business systems in check.

Technology continues to change now and then. What seems new today may become obsolete in the future. Considering the rising competition, it's quite likely that you, as a business, may need to change your existing business systems. In such circumstances, you are left with two key options - either choose to migrate to a better technology, or upgrade to an advanced version of existing software.

Migration using historical data requires expertise.
Migration to a better technology platform is a usual practice which can be handled in two ways - simply move to the desired smart platform with open balances/live transactional data or migrate using historical data. When it comes to migration, data migration is the most crucial element, which certainly can't be overlooked. Since multiple factors such as complexities, increased man-hours, etc, contribute to the entire process, the cost of migration may vary significantly.

Steps for Migration

Steps for Migration

Drawing the basics – Historical data or live/transactional data is required to perform the migration. Drawing the basics of migration involves studying the complexities, number of users, and the amount of data to be migrated.

Steps for Migration

A systematic plan – It entails outlining a plan and articulating the same in one go covering the entire organization, roles, responsibilities, and decision-makers. Setting up a logical, workable sequence of the event and take a pragmatic view of associated deadlines.

Steps for Migration

Testing and validation – Thumb-rule of data migration involves testing the new ERP solution with a small amount of data and then increasing the frequency and amount of data until the completion of the project.


Migration or
up-gradation can open up a door to new possibilities.

Keep an eye on each upcoming version so that you do not miss out on an important feature which may be the most relevant to your business.

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