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Planning is the key. When it fails, the desired progress stops.

To stay relevant and progress faster, you need to keep your business systems in check.

Considering the rising competition, it's quite likely that you, as a business, may need to change your existing business systems. In such circumstances, you are left with two key options - either choose to migrate to a better technology, or upgrade to an advanced version of existing software. Any organization usually stores client, product, partner, and supplier data in various formats and storage locations. ERP migration often implies moving data into a single intertwined system to ensure a more straightforward and quicker search and extraction of needed information. The most common reasons for a new solution are the obsolete nature of a previous system and data structure, previous ERP support termination, or the lack of data consolidation.

A migration will help organizations to move applications, systems and storage to a new environment for scalability, lowering the cost of operations and increasing the productivity.

Having multiple years of experience in migrating complex and discrete ERP systems into either newer versions or cloud ERP’s, we have mastered the science and art of migration.

Migration using historical data requires expertise.

Migration to a better technology platform is a usual practice which can be handled in two ways - simply move to the desired smart platform with open balances/live transactional data or migrate using historical data. When it comes to migration, data migration is the most crucial element, which certainly can't be overlooked. Since multiple factors such as complexities, increased man-hours, etc., contribute to the entire process, the cost of migration may vary significantly.

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