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Middleware, as the name signifies, is software that acts as an intermediate between two different software solutions, enabling them to share data, and communicate flawlessly. For instance, a business owns an ERP system and a CRM system, working independently of one another. A middleware can connect both the systems in a way that data passes through the middleware pipeline where it translates into a format that the other application can understand it. Hence, it allows for streamlined communication between the two different software applications.

Infor ION

Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network) is an advanced middleware platform from Infor, used to connect Infor products and third-party enterprise systems to make them work in conjunction with one another. The solution is often advisable for connecting complex systems within a company to enable the smooth flow of communication among them. Besides, a company can upgrade or replace an application without having to hinder the progress of the entire system. Information is accessible in real-time, and the system is easy to maintain and use.

Key Features

Infor ION is one of the most preeminent solutions available to easily integrate Infor and other third-party applications, thus making workflows relatively less complicated and improve performance.

Easy mobile access allows the end-users to monitor critical business issues, sales opportunities and other crucial business problems anywhere they are. At the same time, administers can administer Infor ION applications easily.

Infor ION enables the users to proactively monitor and manage workflow status, diagnose workflow exceptions, keep an eye on key performance indicators, and gain visibility into all business operations efficiently.

Infor Ming.le

Infor Ming.le enables you to build a centralized space for smooth collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. Featuring a single sign-on for all Infor CloudSuite solutions, the system is fully embedded with organizational systems like ERP and Financials. All employees regardless of their roles can collaborate, communicate and share information such as documents, photos, plans, and videos effortlessly from a centralized location. Activities done can be easily captured and examined as and when required. By allowing the employees to use the power of contextual intelligence, a business may accelerate response times and halt problems related to tasks and alerts. The system provides a detailed picture of any issue or queries with drill back capabilities while enabling your business to make the optimal use of social collaboration.

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Key Features

Ming.le allows the users to automatically receive contextual analytics and reports based on the situation and priorities. Users do not have to log in and out repeatedly, as they can visualize the actionable data appearing on the screen as soon as a task ends.

Allowing the users to sign-in to all Infor Cloudsuite applications on a single start page, the software ensures enhanced security and streamlined navigation. Users may choose from a library of available widgets or custom-design a widget to push relevant information directly to them. Besides, the system also enables users to create personalized homepages depending on their role.

Infor Ming.le enables your employees to obtain the most crucial content easily and accomplish business processes smoothly as a result. Acquiring the modern business practices aimed to streamline workflows, the businesses can stay on top of today's cut-throat competition.


Simplify communication among different departments through integration.

Middleware connects different systems in a way that different departments can communicate and be aware of all functionalities happening within the other departments, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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