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Eradicate data silos with networked BI.

Modern businesses need advanced BI systems to analyze data and eliminate information gaps.

Brands in the early days struggled to support their growing businesses using traditional BI systems. Manual data movements, outdated database platforms and old-fashioned practices of BI created hurdles in the path of businesses looking for expansion.

Undeniably, most businesses nowadays are dependent on data or information collected from their business operations. Keeping track of this information generally requires multiple software systems and databases for various departments (sales, finance, delivery, supply chain) within the organization to strategically organize, access and use that data for making business decisions. However, retrieving information from multiple software systems promptly and analyzing it has remained a complicated endeavour for most businesses, which triggered the need for modern BI systems.

A business intelligence system has been designed to replace the multiple tools or software systems traditionally used to collect and analyze the data.

The modern or networked business intelligence system utilizes the power of automation and machine learning to connect every component of your business through a shared analytical fabric which helps eradicate data silos, accelerate the delivery of analytics throughout the organization, and provide trusted data for the businesses to make informed decisions. This way, companies can overcome the muddle of running operations on disconnected data silos.
More precisely, Networked BI is a native cloud business intelligence (BI) and business analytics platform that enables businesses to comprehend and optimize complex business processes in less time, unlike traditional BI solutions. Companies can count on networked BI to improve profitability, diminish costs, and increase business revenues.


Users have access to interconnected virtual BI instances, which helps businesses extend analytical capabilities to various departments, territories, etc. Organizations can merge global and local data without duplication and deliver combined data access globally with local and aggregate views.

It blends centralized and decentralized data and delivers smart analytics through seamless integration between dashboards, data discovery, and reporting.

Provides easy access to information anywhere from any device.

The system supports native cloud multi-tenant architecture. It can be deployed on public cloud, private cloud or on-premises.

Allows users to easily connect or extract live data from any source.

Integrates data from multiple source systems.

Supports powerful AI-enabled user experience.


Take a step forward with networked BI system.

Get rid of your traditional BI systems. Improve efficiency and increase overall business revenue with the all-new networked BI.

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