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Point Of Sale Software Consulting & Implementation

Point Of Sale

POS Software Consulting & Implementation Service

The retail point is the one where the actual sales of the firm take place. It takes into account the money that is given for the goods purchased and the possession given to the buyer of the goods. The retail point software basically is a transformation of the old cash registers that existed prior to the coming of this scenario. The software also helps in determining the trading profit of the company. Shopping centres and Malls, such big organizations are generally found to have such a software. The software is mainly used for the companies that have a big line of sale points, that means that various branches of the same product exist around the world. In such cases this retail software proves extremely beneficial as recording the sales from different points is actually a difficult task but the POS helps any business to record the sales without any leverage to any frauds. It therefore, makes the management team have a sigh of relief as now they wouldn't have to run after each and every store. The software is installed in such a way that the products of the company and the products in the software are connected. All of the items in the store have an identification tag. Whenever a sale takes place at any branch of the store, the stocks are instantly updated. Within moments you'll be able to know if you need to replenish stocks or if you have enough deposits in the stock. This automatically eases the work and helps your business grow and earn profits. Automated sales will take place under this software and hence the possibility of your employees or your customers stealing will reduce significantly. The software can be customized according the products you are selling. The software proves beneficial not only for the big organizations but also for the small-scale organizations.


Functions and Features of (ePOS) Point of sale in brief

  • Access control
  • Provision for multi-location access to the same user login
  • Access control at role as well as user level
  • Product specific formats for prescription and medical
  • Pricing and discounting
  • Pricing and discounting though Pricelist
  • Handling of special discounts through schemes, rewards coupons from bank / partners and loyalty cards
  • Business promotional schemes
  • Handing of referral commission for employees, doctors and other partners
  • Traceability of cash deductions on the customer cash back schemes from banks or credit/debit card authorities through special schemes
  • Handling of sales through govt. aid authorities (Hearing Aids)
  • Loyalty points against membership cards-Retail customers only
  • Old stock sales promotion through special schemes
  • Sales
  • Multiple advance and multiple deliveries against customer order
  • Support for multiple currency sales
  • Special orders linked purchases handling
  • Job orders linking to production in lab
  • Handling of stock transfer in case the material from warehouse is required for the job
  • Printing of receipt separate from job card printing to speed up client handling process at POS
  • Job card entry and printing with reference to customer receipt
  • Attachment of design drawing (having customer signatures) at head office level in case of jewellery
  • Job work / special order tractability
  • Petty cash handling and day end cash reconciliation


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