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Enterprise Assets Management Consulting & Implementation

Managing an asset’s lifecycle is no less than an art.

Now you have a great possibility to optimize the ASSET's life to the maximum. And it may be beyond your expectation.

Enterprise Asset Management is much more than preventive maintenance. More precisely, it refers to the complete Lifecycle Management of an organization's physical assets. Modern Enterprise Applications, such as EAM, enables maximum benefits by providing unparalleled capability for cost-effective, asset-intensive, and performance-oriented maintenance operations. It enhances productivity with workflows, alerts, role-based dashboards, and fully-integrated collaboration tools. EAM makes use of advanced analytic tools and IoT data to enhance operational availability and diminish the risk. Information technology leaders may use EAM to leverage high-value physical assets with complete visibility to control and optimize performance.

The system helps businesses digitize and optimize maintenance operations and attain a new level of efficiency. In fact, the modern-day EAM is designed to cater to unique industry challenges and scale as soon as your business grows. Users may even access EAM on the go due to its advanced mobility features.

A great feature of Enterprise Asset Management software is that it is easy-to-integrate with several other software such as ERP, Financials, CRM, MES, SCADA and the like. EAM integration with other software systems saves time and money by optimizing maintenance resources, improves equipment and staff productivity, increases inventory efficiency, and reduces related operational costs. Thus, businesses can be in better shape to make calculated decisions while improving future asset performance and profitability.

Key features

Track, locate, and analyze physical assets.

Manage work orders for preventive maintenance and scheduling

Retain records in compliance with service level agreements, labor regulations, and accounting requirements

Use built-in CAD capabilities to locate assets, display related data, and run graphical queries to evaluate asset data and work order conditions

EAM's barcoding ability enables it to feature one-step barcode label, design label template, print job(s) template, and batch barcode label printing on a print server

Enterprise Asset Management Deployment Models

CloudSuite as Software as a Service (SaaS)
Be up and running in hours, with all services managed for you. Provides flexibility and scalability, enabling you to deploy new instances on demand, increase uptime, reduce costs and minimize risk.

Cloudsuite as a service dedicated
Benefit from scalability and security along with the simplicity and convenience of a dedicated, private cloud environment.

Run EAM software on your existing infrastructure for On-Premise deployment and gain access software licenses to help you manage costs.

Stay on top of the competition
with the Industry Leaders.

HxGN EAM is the best-in-class Enterprise Asset Management Solution which helps businesses reach the next level of efficiency via digitization and optimizing maintenance operations. The solution is purposefully built to overcome the modern-day industry challenges that are unique and difficult to get by.

IBM Maximo
IBM Maximo is a state-of-the-art asset management solution that helps optimize performance, reduce downtime, manage costs, and extend the life cycle of your business assets. With IBM Maximo, IT leaders have the tools required to operate high-value physical assets with complete visibility and control across the enterprise.


Conquer the competition with better performing assets.

Your assets are one of the primary investments your business make. When they are in good condition, your business will have greater chances to outperform the competition. However, its converse is also equally true.

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